SOM Spring Fest Charity Event

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DJ erock does Mitzvah’s


DJ erock and DJ Dobbs with Global Spinners Entertainment Joined Forces for Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah Last year out in Northridge, CA. Fun was had by all!

We have done & Love to do Mitzvah’s of all shapes & sizes! Book yours today!
Call: 919-260-6671 or

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2012 – A Year In Review! Happy New Year! 2013!

This year in music reminds us that;
Some Nights” I just want you to “Call Me, Maybe” from a “Payphone” so I can tell you “What Makes You Beautiful“, and yes, you heard right; we are “Wild Ones“, but “We Are Young“, and “We Found Love” & “Mercy“, and we balled so hard with our “Ni**as in Paris“. But now, we all “Feel So Close” and are watching the “Midnight City” in New York to see the ball drop. “Rockin New Year’s Eve” will never be the same without #DickClark, but he is soaring above us all like “Starships” in the sky. We are definitely “Glad You Came” and hope you “Take Care” in the New Year, & now we can all look back on 2012, & the Mayan calendar, and say fondly, it’s just “Somebody That I Used To know“.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to listening with you to 2013! #Cheers

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Enjoy the top 100 songs of 2012 courtesy of spotify by clicking the link below!
Top 100 tracks of 2012

Do You… Like Hugs?

I have been a big fan of Miguel since his 1st major Album “All I Want Is You” which came out in 2010. The 1st 2 tracks on that album, #1 “Sure Thing” & #2 the title track “All I Want Is You” featuring fellow North Carolinian J. Cole were my favorite. In 2011 I got to experience Miguel live at a Grammy after party in Feb. of 2011. We were both there in LA performing that night. I was there as a dancer for the event and he came on in the middle of the headliner Keisha Cole’s Set. My fan-ship was sealed after that performance.

I was thrilled when Miguel Released his new album “Kaleidoscope Dream” this fall, and thanks to #Spotify it immediately joined my collection. I highly recommend giving the whole album a listen! It’s all excellent!

Kaleidoscope Dream – Miguel

"Adorn" - Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream

The biggest singles from this album include the 1st track of the album “Adorn”, which is currently #1 on Billboards R&B/Hip-Hop AirPlay chart for this week. “Adorn” has also been the Billboard Hot 100 for 21 weeks now and still sits in the top 25 at #25 this week. The other big single from this album is “Do You…” Which I decided to cover and remix, putting my own twist on the record with some help from my little brother and up and coming lyricist “Just G” and the cinematography direction of my little sister “{ec}” EmilieCarol Photography. Enjoy.

“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” – *Nsync Cover

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Hoping you are all enjoying time with family, friends and Loved ones! Here is a cover I did of the *Nsync Holiday classic “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”
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Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox

So before Spotify, I used to have albums that i couldn’t get enough of stuck in my CD player or Tape Deck in my car and they would occupy that space of my dash until the next amazing album would come along to replace it. This usually meant months or maybe even sometimes a whole year of just that amazing album over and over and over until it got too scratched and I’d have to burn another copy. But now that I have access to the whole world of music right in the palm of my hand anywhere I go, it is less often that an album would be “stuck on repeat” …However, Bruno Mars new album has me nostalgic of my CD burning days. It has been playing on my spotify nonstop since its release! i highly recommend you give it a listen. Bruno, you’ve done it again sir! And as you can see this album has still got the #1 song on the billboard charts again this week with “Locked Out Of Heaven” Enjoy!

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